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Elderly Staying Home Instead of Being Moved to a Facility

Like most elderly people will tell you there is absolutely no place like home. Staying at home instead of being moved to a facility is a wish that many seniors would like granted. But with this wish comes many obstacles such as stairs that they one time could climb or being widowed and can no longer cook or care for themselves. Staying home instead of moving to a facility has its challenges but they can easily be overcome using a home care service.

One of the biggest solutions to assist these seniors is in home care. Instead of them having to suffer without assistance a home care company can come in to the home assess the needs of your loved one and create an individualized plan that will allow them to stay home instead of moving out of a home that they have lived in for decades.

Many care givers or family members do not want to talk about this topic of home care because more than likely a senior will become defensive. It is extremely important to start the talk about home care if you see the need. Below you will find an article about assessing if you will need to call a home care company to keep your loved one in their homes instead of having to move them. You will also let them know that although a home care agency will be there to help them this is one of the ways that their wishes of staying home will be granted.

Assessing and Keeping Your Loved One Home Instead

Are you concerned for a loved one and their ability to remain safely in their home? As care givers completing this simple assessment will help you identify potential risks and threats to their independence, and will give you a starting point for finding options to address those needs.

Physical Health and Home Care Assessments

    • Has your loved one been diagnosed with any chronic illnesses or diseases?
    • Has she been hospitalized recently?
    • Has she fallen or had accidents because of weakness, dizziness, or inability to get around?
    • Has there been a recent change in weight – especially unexplained weight loss?


Mental Health and Home Care Assessments

    • Has your loved one been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia or memory loss?
    • Has he been diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or psychosis?
    • Is he showing signs of confusion, disorientation, or isolation?What about mood swings or forgetfulness? Sadness or loneliness?
    • Does he have mental or emotional problems that might make him a threat to himself or to others?


Medication Use and Home Care Assessments

    • Is your loved one taking multiple medications – either prescription, over-the-counter,or supplements?
    • Does she have trouble taking her medications as directed, i.e. the right amount at the right timeand with the proper foods or liquids?
    • Does she ever forget to take her medicines or skip dosages to save money?


Daily Living Skills and Home Care Assessments

    • Does your loved one have difficulty bathing or dressing?
    • Does he have trouble getting up from a chair, walking, or navigating stairs?
    • Does he have trouble making it to the bathroom in time?
    • Does he have trouble using the phone or getting help in case of an emergency?Has he ever forgotten to hang up the phone?
    • Does he need help shopping, preparing meals, doing housework or yard work?
    • Does he have poor eating habits? Has he lost interest in his favorite foods?Does the refrigerator have old or outdated food?
    • Has he ever forgotten to turn off the stove, oven, or water?
    • Is his home in disarray? Does it need cleaning? Is this a change?
    • Do you worry about his driving abilities or believe he shouldn’t be driving?Has he had any accidents, near misses, or tickets recently?


Home and Community Safety and Home Care Assessments

    • Are you concerned about the safety of your loved one’s neighborhood?
    • Does her home have safety issues, e.g., throw rugs, smoke alarms that don’t work or can’t be heard, steps that can’t be easily navigated, wiring problems, or inadequate heating or air conditioning?
    • Does she refuse to use a wheelchair, walker, hearing aids, or other assistive devices necessary for safety?
    • Is she vulnerable to telephone, mail, or door-to-door solicitations or fraud?
    • Is she unable to maintain the house or keep up with needed repairs?
    • Has she ever gotten lost or been unable to find her way home?


Socialization/Support Systems/Interests/Lifestyles and Home Care Assessments

    • Has your loved one quit having frequent contact with family and friends?
    • Does he lack family or friends nearby to call on for help?
    • Is he reluctant to leave the house?Has he lost touch with church, work, or social groups that he previously enjoyed?
    • Does he watch too much TV or sleep too much during the day?
    • Has he lost interest in his favorite hobbies or pastimes, church or senior center activities?


Appearance/Hygiene and Home Care Assessments

    • Have you seen a decline in your loved one’s personal hygiene,e.g., unkempt hair or clothes, poor oral hygiene, unshaven, body or urine odor?
    • Does she wear the same clothes over and over?


Finances and Home Care Assessments

    • Is your loved one unable to live comfortably on her current income?
    • Does she have trouble managing her money or checkbook?
    • Are bills piling up or going unpaid? Have her utilities ever been shut off?
    • Is she receiving mail from lots of charities and feeling the need to respond to all requests?
    • Can she afford her medications?


If you answer yes to the majority of these questions I would suggest calling a home care company in your area. Our company Metamorphosis Home care services the Boston and surrounding areas but we would be happy to help if you have any questions pertaining to home care and the transition of keeping your loved one home instead of having to move them to a facility. Using these questions as a guide will assist you in figuring out how you can keep your loved one home instead of other alternatives. When having a home care company come in to assess your loved one having these answers already answered will help them with a plan of action to assist you.

The complete article can be found below to help you keep your loved one home instead of moving them to a facility.

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