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respite care

Care givers often have to take care of their loved ones 24/7 each and every day. If there is no close family near by many care givers often go long periods of caring for their loved one or family member without a break. This can cause a huge amount of stress for the care giver. It is a well known saying that if you do not take care of yourself you will not be able to take care of others. There are services designed to help you with your loved one. We at Metamorphosis home care provide the best service in the Boston and surrounding area. A home care company would be able to come in and among many things perform light housekeeping, bathing, and grooming. If you are trying to balance work and taking care of your loved one we are able to assist you during the day with taking your loved one to doctors visits or prescription pick ups. Many of our clients wonder why they hadn’t though of receiving help earlier as we truly make a difference. If you are a caregiver I suggest getting the help that you truly need.

Below is an article that completely explains respite care. It is extremely informative and a link below is provided for you to review the entire article.


Respite Care

Everyone needs a break. Respite care provides caregivers a temporary rest from caregiving, while the person with Alzheimer’s continues to receive care in a safe environment. Using respite services can support and strengthen your ability to be a caregiver.

Respite Care

Using respite care

Caregiving is demanding — and it’s normal to need a break. Seeking help does not make you a failure. Remember that respite services benefit the person with dementia as well as the caregiver.

Respite care can help you as a caregiver by providing a new environment or time to relax. It’s a good way for you to take time for yourself.

Respite care can provide:

A chance to spend time with other friends and family, or to just relax



  • Time to take care of errands such as shopping, exercising, getting a haircut or going to the doctor
  • Comfort and peace of mind knowing that the person with dementia is spending time with another caring individual


Respite care services can give the person with dementia an opportunity to:

    • Interact with others having similar experiences


    • Spend time in a safe, supportive environment


    • Participate in activities designed to match personal abilities and needs


Types of respite care

In-home care services offer a range of options including:

    • Companion services to the individual with companionship and supervised activities


    • Personal care or home health aide services to provide assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting and exercising


    • Homemaker or maid services to help with laundry, shopping and preparing meals


    • Skilled care services to help with medication and other medical services


Adult day centers offer a place where the person with Alzheimer’s can be with others in a safe environment. Staff leads planned activities, such as music and art programs. Transportation and meals are often provided.

Residential facilities may offer the option for a stay overnight, for a few days or a few weeks. Overnight care allows caregivers to take an extended break or vacation while the person with dementia stays in a supervised, safe environment. The cost for these services varies and is usually not covered by insurance or Medicare……..


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