heart failure readmission rates

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Heart Failure Readmissions

Heart failure accounts for estimated 38 billion dollars in healthcare costs. More than 25% of heart failure patients will be readmitted to the hospital. There are 5 million patients in the US who have this diagnosis and there are 500,000 new cases annually. Heart Failure is the leading cause for medicare readmissions. See the video below about heart failure recovery

How Home Care Services Can Help With Readmission Rates

Here are some common reasons of why patients are readmitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of heart failure:

 Patient Factors of Readmissions for Heart Failure

Medication and Diet
Non Compliance (66%)
Social Isolation
Economic Factors
Cultural Factors
Didn’t understand the instructions due to language barrier
Didn’t understand the instructions due to denial or psychiatric issues

Provider Factors of Readmissions for Heart Failure

Inadequate DC Instructions
Inadequate Diuretic Discharge Dose
Discharged too early
Duplicate medications
Failure to reconcile to ambulatory care
Lack of Consultation
Closing the Gap How Home Care can Decrease Heart Failure Readmissions

Instead of the patient trying to recover on their own a home care agency can get their recovery plans right the first time. Most patients are in non compliance of their discharge plans. A care giver can observe and help ensure that the patient is adhering to the discharge plans. In addition, an agency can help with house keeping, grooming, and bathing among other things. A patient needs assistance during their recovery and a home care service can close the gap.