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Importance of Home Care Services Assessments

At Metamorphosis home care we strive to ensure that we are on the same page with both the client and their family. Our goal is to provide quality home care and it is important to make sure that a complete and thorough assessment is completed in the beginning. This ensures that everyone is confident and aware of all of the services that are performed. Home care is an important part to keeping your loved one at home and it is important to make sure that their needs are met. Below you will find an important excerpt about when a home care assessment did not get completed successfully. It is important to call your home care agency with any questions that you have. The first assessment is important but sometimes there could be changes along the way that can make the plan even better.


In Home Care Services Questions

The caregiver will take Mom out shopping as well, but this still leaves a lot of time for the hired caregiver to just sit around and talk with Mom, or read if Mom is napping. Is it asking too much that the caregiver would straighten up the house, do some dishes or even some laundry while she is there?

This help is costly, so I’m wondering if I’m getting my money’s worth.—Virginia

Dear Virginia: You aren’t alone in wondering just what a paid in-home caregiver’s responsibilities are. The only answer to this is that it depends on who you hire and what the agreement is.

There are generally two choices, either independent contractors or people who are hired through an agency. I’d like offer you a couple of things to consider, and then it’s up to you to work it out with the caregiver or agency.

As I understand it, companionship is one reason you are hiring this caregiver. While I don’t think it’s beyond the scope of the caregiver’s duties to clean up a few dishes after lunch, her primary job is to pay attention to your mom and take care of your mom’s needs, which includes sitting and visiting. Therefore, I wouldn’t underplay the importance of the time that the caregiver spends visiting with your mom.

That being said, most caregivers will do some light housekeeping when it ties into the day. Years ago, we had an in-home care company send caregivers to spend eight hours a day with my uncle.

These women were marvelous. Primarily, they spent time with my uncle and did whatever made him happy. I remember that one of the women would sit and polish silver while they chatted. He no doubt told her many times about events when that silver had been used. I thought that polishing silver was beyond her job description, but she said she didn’t mind and it gave them something to talk about……..

If you hire a caregiver from an agency, he or she may have some strict guidelines about what is permitted. Allowed duties may even vary within the agency if the agency has different levels of caregivers. If you hire an independent caregiver, you’d work out the expectations between the two of you.

The bottom line is that you need to determine your priorities, and then, when you hire someone, get the basics down in a contract…..

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Source: Minding Our Elders: What can you expect from an in-home caregiver?