Senior living facilities VS. Home Care Services Costs

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Senior Living Facility VS. Home Care Services Costs

When faced with deciding to put a family member or loved on in a senior living facility vs home care services cost and quality of care will be a huge factor. It is a known fact that home care services are lower than putting a senior in a senior living facility.  Not only is cost a benefit but the mere fact that your loved one will have one to one assistance versus having to share the attention with the other residents in a senior living facility also play a key role in leaning towards home care services. Below you will find a sheet that compares the to:

home care service rates







As you can see by the chart home care services is a much economical way to care for your loved one. Not only is home care more affordable but it will give you the peace of mind that you listened to your loved ones wishes by keeping them in the comfort of their homes.


Home care services or Assisted Living Facilities are the right option for your loved one.

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Making the choice that an aging parent is ready for a senior living facility vs a home care services is not easy. If you are leaning towards a senior living facility Finding the right place to call their new home can be even harder.

When going through the process of finding a facility that’s the right fit for a parent or other relative, it’s important to be thorough and ask all the right questions. Here are some topics suggested by experts in the field.

1. Quality of life

It’s important not to be swayed by what a facility looks like on the outside, but to see how it functions on the inside. “A large percentage of children look at the aesthetics and beauty of the community instead of taking into consideration what’s best for their parents,” said Sandra Heller, founder of Compassionate Senior Solutions.

Instead, prospective clients should focus on whether the quality of life matches their loved one’s current standards. “You go into the food and the amenities that are available,” said Bette Bergsman, executive director at STOP CANCER, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that funds research to fight cancer.

She found found her 87-year-old mother an senior living facility with the help of Jennifer Saginor, a senior retirement placement specialist with Saginor Senior Solutions, based in Beverly Hills. “Ask if there’s a washing machine on the floor. Is laundry and cleaning [done] once a week?” Bergsman said. “You’re putting your parent in a venue where they may not be able to do the normal basic things they do at home.”

2. Staff 

Negligence is a huge problem in the senior living industry, according to Saginor. That’s why it’s crucial to find out the backgrounds of the nurses and staff who work there and to discuss the facility with others already living there. “I would talk to residents who live there and need the same level of care,” she said. “You’re going to hear the truth from the people who know what’s happening.”

When Bergsman was doing her research, she asked specific questions about care — including about what happens in case of an emergency — and met with the heads of the nursing departments. She inquired about the nurse/caretaker-to-resident ratio, the ability to dispense drugs and monitor vital signs, and activities available to stimulate body and mind.

3. Fees

Websites for assisted living facilities list the costs, but what about if seniors need more care down the line? What if a resident becomes sick and needs more help? It’s imperative to figure out what costs will go up in case further assistance is necessary. “You don’t want to overspend,” Heller said. “Ask, ‘What can I expect in the future in terms of expenses?’ ”

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