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One of the most important decisions that you will ever make will be to find a respected and trusted home care services agency for your family member. It is important to make an informed decision on a care giver as they will be spending a lot of time with your loved one. You want to try to eliminate any warning flags in the beginning when it comes to hiring home care services to avoid unnecessary headaches from care givers who are not a good fit. Finding the right care giver however will make you feel at peace and you will be so happy that you loved one is being taken care of. Although you can go it alone and hire your own care giver it has been proven that it is much easier to hire a care giver using a home care service to ensure that they have proper training and thorough background checks.



  Tips to get you through the process of finding a Home Care Services Care Giver:

  • Background Checks-It is EXTREMELY important that the home care services agency that you use are using background checks for all of the care giver that they refer to you. This will help avoid mistreatment, fraud, and other potential pitfalls.
  • Immigration-Make sure that whatever care giver that you are assigned to by the home care services agency is here legally or is a citizen.
  • Clear Contracting-Make sure that the contract with the home care services agency includes:
    • Responsibilities of Home Care Giver: Hours, schedule, duties, privileges, meals, etc.
    • Clear outline of fees charged: Rate, frequency, benefits including days off, vacation, benefits, performance review, etc.
    • Transportation: Guidelines for using the family car and public transportation safely.
    • Make sure that they adhere to HIPAA and confidentiality: Your expectations about personal information.
    • Termination Agreements: What each party will be required to do if the job comes to an end.
  • The care giver shows empathy and patience- The main concern that seniors have is that they do not have anyone to talk to. Make sure that the new care giver is listening to your loved one and shows genuine interest in what they are saying.
  • The new care giver and home care services agency should show that they are reliable and accountable- Your loved one will look forward to seeing their care giver during their scheduled times. When observing make sure that they are on time for the most part and are accountable to any issues that arise that happen to be their fault.

Below you will find how family members cope with having to hire a care givers. As indicated before you have a choice to select a home care services agency to refer a care giver to you or hire a care giver on your own. The family members also explain that although using home services at first can be daunting and scary it is something that definitely can work out in the end.

Tips for Finding Home Care Services

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