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Assistance For Seniors Boston,MA

assistance for seniors Boston, MA



Sometimes is quite evident that you need senior assistance for your parent(s) or loved ones. They are not able to get around well and cannot take care of themselves as well as they used to. They are having issues with their ADLS or Activities of Daily Living skills and you now are faced with the need to hire a quality in home care services agency or find a facility for them to live in.



How To Determine the Need for Senior Assistance

Sometimes it is hard to determine if your loved ones needs help from a senior assistance home care services agency.  Here are some questions that will help you with the process of figuring out if you need home care services agency assistance:


  1. Is their appearance suffering because mentally or physically they are unable to attend to grooming?
  2. Are they wearing dirty or stained clothes?
  3. Have they brushed their teeth?
  4. When talking to them does it seem as if they are having memory issues or confusion?
  5. Are they forgetting doctors appointments or neglecting to schedule appointments?
  6. Are they not keeping their medication refills updated?
  7. Are they food shopping and have adequate food in the refrigerator and in their pantries?
  8. Do you notice a pile of unopened mail or bills?
  9. Is their home clean?


It is important that if you are noticing issues outlined above you and other family members should take the steps to help your family member. Getting quality senior assistance from a Home care services agency could be your answer to keep your loved one safe and cared after. In home care services are there to assist your family with the factors above among other duties that they can perform. Not only is care giving an issue but financially many seniors can not afford services that they truly need.

How to Discuss the Need for Senior Assistance Home Care Services

Discussing the need for senior assistance home care services can be a touch topic for many seniors. Many seniors will try to hide the fact that they arehome care services struggling to take care of themselves. Many of these seniors do not want to burden their family members. This is why looking at the questions above are extremely important when evaluating  assistance for seniors. Eventually you will have to have the discussion with your loved one and it could be a hard discussion. To make the discussion a little easier try to use these tips:

  • Compassionately start talking about the future and how they would like their affairs to be handled. This will allow you to eventually discuss the need for senior assistance home care services.
  • Slowly open up the discussion as a “If” situation. For instance “if” we decided that you need extra help around the house what type of help do you think you would need.
  • Give them examples of what you have observed and how a senior assistance home care service would be able to assist them.
  • Let you loved one know that you love them and want to always do what is best for them. Let them know that it is your obligation to make sure that they are safe and taken care of. Give them the assurance that a senior assistance home care agency is there to help. Explain that if you have a peace of mind that they are being taken care of this is what makes you happy at the end each day.
  • Discuss with them that a senior assistance home care service would not replace the time that you have with your loved one. In fact let them know that you will be able to enjoy your time together even more with the peace of mind that they are being taken care of.
  • Let them know IN ADVANCE that you will be scheduling a meeting with a senior assistance home care service and that they will be able to meet the care giver and give their feedback.
  • Once you do make a decision about which home care services agency you would like let your loved one know that you will be monitoring and always checking in with them to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Assistance For Seniors

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