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anytime home care Boston MAIt is not surprising that you are researching this issue as many baby boomers are growing older and the need for quality home care is in high demand. It is a known fact over 68% of individuals over the age of 65 will become disabled thus requiring in home care usually with flexible hours. The demand for anytime home care and its flexibility that it offers is a requirement for home care care givers. Many family care givers is in what is considered sandwich generations which means that they are raising families and a the same time have the responsibilities of taking care of their parent(s). There are many services available to make care giving much easier for families. This includes in home care or actually putting a loved one in a nursing home. When compared with nursing homes in home care is by far the most cost effective. Not only is it the most cost effective but your loved ones can actually stay in the comfort of their homes which often makes them so much more happier. In home care is also flexible and often will be able to monitor your loved ones 24/7 and holidays if that is a needed. Below you will find resources that explain the cost of nursing homes vs. home care costs.


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Home Care vs Nursing Home
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With social security not providing as much as hoped and knowing that two-thirds of seniors will become physically, or mentally incapacitated at some point in their lifetime, it’s important to review your Senior Care Options. Nursing Homes are facilities that offer a high degree of medical support and care, and generally serve those seniors who require the most help in performing activities of daily living (ADLs). However, they are also very expensive at nearly $100,000 per year. With Home Care, a family can rely on a home care company to understand the needs of the senior, develop a plan of care, and pro-actively monitor their health and day-to-day needs.